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Atatiana Jefferson might have been the world's best aunt. She was loving and hands-on, frequently taking her nephews to arcades, playgrounds, and sporting events. She would stay up with her nephew playing Call of Duty after a hard day - to wake up the next morning and make sure he was prepared for school using the schedule that she'd helped him create. 


Atatiana was also a pet lover who could not say no to animals in need, even once adopting a wild rabbit. 


1990 - 2019


At 28 years old, Atatiana put her own life on pause to move in with and care for her sick mother.

Atatiana was killed by police in 2019. 

You, my dear, have indeed changed the world by your sacrificial love, unbridled work ethic and enduring legacy that is yet to unfold."

- Yolanda Carr, Atatiana's mother, in a letter to her deceased daughter

Source:  //  New York Times

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