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Marijuana is OK Now



had two non-violent marijuana charges in 2005 and 2009 - both suspended. In 2011, he was arrested and charged with intent to distribute (also non-violent).


Cornell received life in prison. 

Vashon Island Euphorium and the Vashon Remembrance Project invite you to acknowledge the thousands upon thousands of people in prison for non-violent marijuana charges while we as a community enjoy the incredible privilege and commerce of legalized cannabis.


We hope to help shine on light on the relationship that everyone has with their ready access to this vital medicine, versus those that lay their heads in a cell for less than what we consume in the comfort of our own homes on a daily basis.

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17917 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA

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Black people and POC have received the brunt of punishment of what they told us was the 'War on Drugs’ – in fact, the architects admitted that Black people were the targets in their 'war' against drugs in the first place.


The government as we know it created situations and systems in which entire communities could be marginalized to the point of destruction. To this day, as legal cannabis sets sail in more states every year, the federal government and many states have been silent and allowed these practices to continue.   

Contact your congressional representative to ask about their position on legalized marijuana, and the implications for thousands upon thousands of non-violent "drug offenders" who are STILL sitting in prison. 

Use the NORML site to contact your representative

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VRP is deeply appreciative of the staff of Vashon Island Euphorium who helped to write and produce this installation.

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