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Aura Rain Rosser was a mother of three from Lansing, Michigan. She was a 2002 graduate of Cass Technical School in Detroit. 


Aura was an artist and an oil-painter and she loved to cook seafood. Her sister described her as outgoing, articulate, and soulful. Aura spent her career in restaurant management. She struggled with her mental health and with addiction and in 2014 she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to be closer to her rehabilitation center.  


1987 - 2014

Aura was killed by police in 2014. 

"There is power in love, to love Aura is to honor her memory; it is to make haste and take action because an ultimate form of love for Aura is to make sure there is no peace. No justice, no peace; we have to continue to resist."

Maryam Aziz, Black Lives Matter Ann Arbor Chapter

Source: Wikimedia //  Michigan Daily // thanks to Jessica Dewire for Editorial Assistance

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