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1978 - 2020

Daniel Prude was originally from Chicago. ​As a child, one of 5, he loved dogs, and he and his siblings would frequently take care of strays. He graduated from Manley Career Academy High School. 

A father of 5, he held steady jobs throughout the southside of Chicago. He frequently went out of his way to find jobs for other people from his neighborhood. 

Two of his three brothers had been killed in the past, and he was left reeling when his beloved nephew took his own life in late 2019. Seeking a fresh start, he bought a train ticket to Rochester to stay with his brother, Joe. 

Daniel was killed by police in Rochester a week later, in March 2020. 

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"Everybody that was willing to work that knew [Daniel], he’d get you in there. That’s the type of guy he was.”"

Antonio Hall, Childhood Friend

Source: The New York Times //  Wikimedia

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