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Darrien Hunt was known as sweet, kind, shy, and incredibly bright. Darrien had a younger brother and two younger sisters. His family was very close. 

His early life was spotted with abuse, which his mother, Susan, took him away from. This caused him to miss out on some childhood experiences, which he was eager to catch up with. For example, he volunteered to go camping with Boy Scouts, so that he could learn, as much as chaperone.  


1992 - 2014


Darrien was a fan of hip-hop, his favorite artist being the St. Louis rapper Tech N9ne. He also enjoyed cosplay (attending pop culture conventions dressed as characters). At the time of his death, it's believed that Darrien was dressed as the character Mugen from the popular anime series Samurai Champloo. 

Darrien was killed by Utah police in 2014. 

A recent report from the Salt Lake Tribune found Utah police officers have killed more civilians than gang members, drug dealers, or child abusers have over the past five years.


Source: The Guardian  //  Vox Media

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