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Delrawn Small was a native of New York. Though he had reported run-ins with the law, he did his best to provide for his family. He had two brothers named Ali and Victor. 

At the time of his death, Delrawn had two teenage daughters, and an infant son. 

Delrawn was killed by police in 2016.


Delrawn's death did not get substantial coverage, as his shooting occurred the day after Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and two days before Philando Castile in Minnesota - both of which garnered nationwide media attention. 


1979 - 2016

"My heart aches for this man and my son who will never remember his dad.”
- Zaquanna Albert, Delrawn Small's partner and the mother of his three children

William Drummond, Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley, asserts that the lack of media coverage was also due to the fact that Delrawn's arrest record made him was an "imperfect victim", citing that all too often media outlets report from the vantage of the police instead of the victim. 

Khalil Gibran Muhammad, a professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School, asked, "Should the media report what the police are saying as a way of signaling to the audience that this was a bad person, and maybe they got what they deserved? ... If we only support worthy victims, then we're perpetuating the long-standing second class citizenship, particularly of African Americans."

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