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1976 - 2015

Little personal information exists about Lamontez Jones, a Black man killed by San Diego police. He was previously incarcerated for manslaughter, and had a warrant for his arrest, information made public after his death.  

Lamontez was killed by police in San Diego in 2015. 

A cursory search of online images, news stories, and media content will uncover dozens upon dozens of examples of white middle aged men with actual assault rifles, approaching, interacting with, and threatening police. Lamontez allegedly had a replica gun in his posession which he may have brandished at police - who had not activated their body cameras. 

"For months, I have been trying to write about the shooting. I have tried to find something worth saying. I could say that it’s proof that police can kill a black man anywhere, even in a nice neighborhood in San Diego. But that was not news to me and it shouldn’t be news to anyone else... I wanted to write about that day because most people will never have heard Lamontez Jones’ name. The injustice of this death was not sufficiently obvious and senseless to attract any more that a few local news pieces."

Allison Gauss, writing on Medium: "I Remember Lamontez Jones"

Source: The Guardian //  Medium // San Diego Times

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