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1986 - 2019

Latasha Nicole Walton was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Brenda Lee Walton Wright and Alfonso Wright Sr. Latasha was the oldest of three, and she and her siblings, Allison and  Alphonso Jr. shared the same room and were inseparable according to family and friends.

Their mother died at an early age, and Latasha, by then having a young son of her own, stepped in to take care of his brother and sister, working two jobs and providing for the family. Later, when her siblings had children of their own, Latasha would often drive her nieces and nephews to school after fixing them breakfast. She adored her family. 

She fulfilled a professional dream by starting her own business, distributing beauty care products.  

Latasha was killed by police in Miami-Dade, Florida, in March 2019.

She had two sons: Lafortune Jr, and Jeremiah. 


Source:   //   CBS News Miami

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