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Tamir Elijah Rice was born to Samaria Rice and Leonard Warner on June 15, 2002, in Cleveland, Ohio.


Tamir, who appeared older than twelve because of his 195-pound frame, attended sixth grade at Marion-Seltzer Elementary School in Cleveland and was described as a pleasant young man who enjoyed art and playing sports. Teachers said he would often hum to humself and tap out rhythms with his hands. He was quick to smile. 


2002 - 2014


Tamir also liked to swim, draw, and play basketball. He talked a big game to his friends. 

Carletta Goodwin, Tamir's 6th grade teacher, recalls how Tamir and a girl in his class had a clear crush on each other. "The minute she walked into the classroom the world stopped for Tamir," his teacher Carletta Goodwin said. "They both would just gleam at each other. It was like - oh boy."

Tamir Rice was killed by police in 2014.

The only way that Tamir will ever die, is if we as a family, as a city, as a community and as a nation forget what happened to a 12-year-old boy playing in the park on Saturday, November 22, 2014."

- Mike Petty, Tamir Rice's uncle

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